Sigma Softgel & Formulation is a new-age manufacturer of soft gelatin capsules. Soft gelatin capsules consist of a filling, containing the dissolved or suspected active substance, and of a one-piece shell. Owing to the hermetic seal, the filling ingredients are protected against any harmful influence of the environment. Physical properties of solutions and suspensions, especially their homogeneity, allow the precision of dosage of active ingredients, rare in dry, orally received medications. In comparison with tablets and hard capsules, soft capsules require much less auxiliary substances, most of which are of herbal origin. The possibility to adjust the shell ingredients enables the adaptation of its parameters to specify requirements of storage conditions and especially to chemical as well as pharmacological properties of a medication.
The research on bioavailability of various medication forms has reportedly proved that the parameters of absorption and bioavailability of medications in the form of soft gelatin capsules are much better. It is mainly the result of one of the basic soft capsule features – the exact dispersion of a therapeutic substance in a liquid or semisolid medium. Owing to that, absorption of a medicament starts already at the moment of capsule disintegration in the alimentary tract, and is more effective thanks to the small size of suspended or dissolved particles of a medicament.