What is PCD

PCD:​ ​The​ ​term​ ​“PCD”​ ​stands​ ​for​ ​“​Propaganda​ ​Cum​ ​Distribution​”​ ​in​ ​pharmaceutical industry. Propaganda​ ​is​ ​a​ ​latin​ ​word​ ​which​ ​means​ ​“to​ ​spread​ ​or​ ​to​ ​propagate.​ ​Term​ ​PCD​ ​is​ ​used​ ​for those​ ​distributors,​ ​who​ ​spread​ ​company​ ​goods​ ​along​ ​with​ ​distribution

Pharma Franchise Company provides only the high quality pharma products which are manufactured in the state-of-art manufacturing units.  Associated Pharma PCD Franchise Companies are looking for dedicated, hardworking and sincere people who want to start their own business in the pharmaceutical industry and earn the great income.

Scope for Expansion

We have aggressive plans to increase our market penetration by adding new. Some more products which are in the pipeline would be offered to our franchisees supplementing their incomes manifolds.

Franchise Appointment and Operation

Sigma Softgel appoint PCD on District-wise Monopoly basis, Also given out on Area-wise basis not district wise or region wise (3-5 District Head Quarters),you have a large territory to operate and expand your business without any disturbance, and you have sole proprietary and monopoly in your area so that you has the space to grow and flourish without any disturbance. Even if you start one or two districts of your territory we keep the cushion areas vacant for the sake of your interest and stability.  Sigma Softgel is one of the most ethical PCD pharmaceutical companies in India. We have never cancelled appointment of any franchise till date. The other benefit of our policy is there is almost ZERO territory violation which creates an atmosphere for a long term and STABLE occupation.

Eligiblity to get Franchise

You should be having atleast 5 years of rich experience of ethical selling in a leading pharma company with a proven sales record.
  • You should be having atleast 5 years of rich experience of ethical selling in a leading pharma company with a proven sales record.
  • You should have unflinching support of 5-10 top doctors in a concentrated area along with an investment of 3-5 lacs.
  • More the investment faster and better the results. Minimum Starting order for a franchise is Rs 0.5 lacs to cover a wide range of more than 100 products which is ever growing, and you get a complete kit of all pre-requisites for marketing a set of visual aids, M.R. Bag, Starter pack of Samples, leave behinds etc.,
  • The higher the investment sooner & higher will be the returns. The ideal investment for a healthy working is Rs. 2.5- 3.0 lacs to cover an AHQ effectively and generate an income of Rs 1.0 lacs within 3-6 months.
  • An ideal proposal is with an investment of Rs. 3-5 lacs to cover an Area of 3-5 Distt. Head quarters and generate an income of Rs 1.0 lacs within 6 months.

Pharma PCD Company (Terms Conditions)

You should be having atleast 5 years of rich experience of ethical selling in a leading pharma company with a proven sales record.
  • We will send you our price list and product catalogue (online/offline) upon receiving your valuable enquiry.
  • You can then select the products according to your requirement via phone, whatsapp or mail. You can even use of mobile app.
  • After receiving your order, we will send you Proforma invoice so that you can verify quantity and rates.
  • After verification you can deposit money in our bank accounts via NEFT, Cheque, Cash, RTGS, Transfer, IMPS etc.
  • After money reflects in our account, we will dispatch goods the same day and send you docket/Gr no. so that you can track your goods anytime.
  • The party itself will pay transportation and Courier Charges.
  • Prices are subject to change without any prior notice due to fluctuations in manufacturing raw material prices.
  • Expiry/ Breakage goods will not be taken back.
  • Xerox or Scanned copy of DL Number and GST certificate is required.
Steps to Start PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

Drug License

Drug license is a basic necessity while doing business in the pharmaceutical industry. Dealing in any kind of business that involves drugs requires a drug license, as a legal permit granted by the government. It applies to the whole of the country under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Selection of Pharma Company

Do proper research on pharma companies where vacancies are available. Check the background of the company and market value. Ask the respective pharma company to provide you product list, offers and price list with net rate and MRP. Quality certification of the products like ISO, GMP and WHO.

Choose the Product Range

Select the products as per the demand of customers and clients. Under the market requirements, it will help a lot in the selection of the products.


Pharma Franchise business requires low-cost investment but be prepared for every kind of situation. Always have some amount of money as a backup, used it at the time of emergency.

Eligibility Criteria

A graduate requires a minimum of one year of experience as a salesperson from the reputed pharma company. A secondary pass requires a minimum of 3-4 years’ experience, whereas a person who has authorization from the department of drug control is also eligible for the pharma business.

Registration required for Pharma Franchise

The pharma franchise company requires legal registration of the company as per the norms of the government. Registration can be done online by filling the application form along with several documents required.


We have summed up some frequently asked the question about the PCD and Pharma Franchise Business in India. Here you can find the simple answer which will help you understand this business in a better way:

The major difference between the PCD and Franchise is the size at which both these businesses work. The PCD pharma business works in the smaller unit covering less area as compared to the Pharma Franchise which requires large units and areas. Apart from that, the PCD Pharma needs less investment and has no specific target which is the complete opposite of Pharma Franchise business as it includes the specified target.

Yes, one can take PCD Pharma Franchise from more than one company.

Pharma professionals with experience in the pharmaceutical industry can apply for PCD Pharma Franchise. Apart from that, doctors, wholesales, stockiest, MR (Medical Representative), pharma students can also apply for this business.

There are some sales targets in the pharma franchise business that are given by pharma companies. Once you meet the sales target you can earn incentives as well.

Starting a Pharmaceutical company is a good business option. The Pharma Company can work towards specific or all of the sections which are research, manufacturing, trading, distribution, and marketing, etc. If you want to start a pharma manufacturing company then you will need a drug manufacturing license from state drug control authorities.

If you want to start pharma business in marketing, trading or distributorship then Wholesale drug license number is necessary. Those who want to open up a pharmacy or a pharma retail shop need to get a retail license number.

The earning in PCD Pharma Franchise business depends on you and on the company that is giving you Pharma PCD Franchise. The more products you sell the more profit you will earn.

You can, but make sure to ask your company if they have vacant locations in other states. If your desired region is vacant then you can start your Franchise or PCD business there.

Yes, one can take multiple franchise businesses on one drug license.

One can apply with a D pharma License and a stockiest for Pharma Franchise business.

The difference between PCD Pharma Products and Generic Products are as follow-

PCD Pharma Products – Propaganda cum distribution pharma, it is a type of sector in which a pharma company signs a franchise agreement with an individual or group of people to sell and marketing of their products.

The distribution is managed by the stockiest and retail channel. The sales performance depends on the efficiency of the distribution channel.

Generic Products – A generic product is something that is sold on the name of the product i.e. what it is, rather than having a brand name. Here companies sell generic medicines to retailers directly, using the distribution channel. Sales representatives facilitate in selling the products.

GMP stands for Goods Manufacturing Practice. It ensures the quality of manufactured products and covers all the aspects from manufacturing to the packaging of the product as per the quality standards. GMP prevents errors that cannot be eliminated through quality control of the finished product.

WHO stands for World Health Organization. WHO has established the norms for goods manufacturing practice (GMP) to meet the quality standards. The World Health Organization developed GMP as a part of its obligation “to develop, establish and promote international standards for pharmaceutical products”.

Yes, PCD Pharma Franchise business includes the incentives. If you meet the target given by the company then the incentive is sure.

Drug license is a basic necessity for dealing in any kind of business that involves drugs in it. Under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 an authorization is granted by the government.

There are four steps to apply for a drug license.

Documentation – Preparation of all the documents including key plan, site plan, and declaration.

Application filling – Fill the application online if you are applying online including the payment.

Inspector visit – The inspector will visit your shop to cross-check the information after the grant of license is filed.

Grant of license – The applier will get the drug license in the final stage of this procedure.

Yes, you can take PCD Pharma Franchise from a company in Partnership.

Yes, the retailer can apply for Pharma PCD Franchise using wholesaler drug licenses.

The qualification requirement for PCD Pharma Franchise business varies from company to company. Mostly, the minimum qualification is 12th and graduates with experience in the pharmaceutical industry can also apply.

The branded drugs are better than generics drugs because branded drugs go through under many tests, known as clinical trials, to prove that their drug is safe. The branded drug is only sold by one manufacturer, several companies will usually sell the same generic drug, which leads to competition in the marketplace and lower costs for consumers. Whereas the generic drug typically costs about 80% to 85% less than the same branded drug.

Generally, the pharma franchise holder has to pay 10% of the net rate to the wholesaler or distributor. It may vary from company to company.

PCD Pharma Franchise doesn’t require much investment. However, the investment varies from company to company. Generally, the pharma franchise can be started with the basic investment from 30-35 thousand.

The profit in Pharma Franchise business depends on you. The more products you promote in the market the more profit you can earn. More the sale of medicines will be more profitable. If you thinking about the percentage of earning that its depend upon which products category you have choose for sale or which company you have choose for the franchise. The percentage of earning is dependent on product to product and sale target. It could be 20% to 40% of Total Sale.

Starting a Pharma Franchise business is much more beneficial than opening up a medical store because the profit margin is much better in Pharma Franchise business.

No, pharma Franchise companies do not take back the expired products. The Franchisee holder, should the market requirement and order the products accordingly so that products do not go waste.

The Pharma franchise agreement is mainly signed between the Pharma franchise distributors and the Pharma franchise company or the franchiser. This agreement is based on the mutually agreed terms and conditions, which both parties should accept and follow to start the business. This terma and conditions are different company to company. The agreement is also renewed to continue with the business.

Yes, a Sciences student can get the license if all the conditions are met.

PCD Companies provides air-tight and leakage proof packaging to maintain the long life shell of the products. Good quality and attractive packaging help to impress doctors and customers. There are three types of packaging-

Primary Packaging – Strip, Bottle, Vial

Secondary Packaging – Boxes, cartons

Tertiary Packaging – Corrugated Boxes