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Pharma PCD Franchise in KollamKollam city in Kerala is on India’s Malabar coast. The city has a literacy rate of 91.18%, known as the trade hub of beaches. Kollam has a growing economy and a good for high-quality medicines due to its high literacy rate. PCD pharma franchise is one of the most growing businesses in India. Sigma Softgel & formulations is the leading pharma company that is ISO-approved. We provide a range of pharmaceutical products including tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, creams, ointments, herbal products, and many more. It is a beneficial opportunity for individuals or groups of people who want to dive and rise in the world of pharma, to join Pharma PCD Franchise in Kollam. 

Join Hands with Top Pharma PCD Franchise in Kollam | Sigma Softgel & Formulations

It is always beneficial to start a PCD pharma company in Kollam because of its literate population and ample facilities provided by the Kerala government. Furthermore, a lot of entrepreneurs are becoming successful in this field due to the greater need for pharmaceutical products. Moreover, due to competition in the field of pharma, it is important to choose a franchise that is ISO-approved and works according to the regulations of certified bodies. Therefore, it will not be too late to start a Pharma PCD Franchise in Kollam. Additionally, by partnering with Sigma Softgel & Formulations, a brand that provides great support to help you start your pharma franchise in Kollam. Here are some notable points of Sigma Softgel & Formulations:

  • We are capable of producing top-class products.
  • Always create the best products according to the priority of customers.
  • Sigma softgel & formulations respect the medical needs of customers. 
  • Every pharmaceutical product is DCGI-approved.
  • Sigma softgel & formulations ensure prompt delivery. 
  • Sigma softgel & formulations are formulate under the regulations of WHO-GMP institutions and have state of the art manufacturing units. 
  • We manage current affiliations.
  • Our product facility follows international standards.
  • We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction as our constant priority.
  • High-efficiency products encourage repeat business from customers, thereby increasing profitability. 

Pharma PCD Franchise in Kollam

The product portfolio provided by Sigma Softgel & Formulations

We offer a wide range of products while maintaining the highest standards of product quality. Our quality assurance team inspects the quality before delivery, to ensure our customers never feel any issues. we provides products that are made from the best quality raw materials. Our pharmaceutical company is equipped with high technology in the manufacturing process to aid in the development of innovation and unique products. We manufacture injections, sachets, tablets, drops, ointments, eye drops, and many more. Reputable vendors procure the basic ingredients required for the production of medicines. The range we offer for the PCD Pharma franchise in Kollam is:

  • Softgel Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Dry syrups
  • Injections
  • Ointments
  • Ayurvedic herbals
  • Protein powder

Why invest in our PCD Pharma company in Kollam 

Sigma softgel & formulations is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with renowned experience in the area driven by research and development. We have a deep understanding of the approaching new clients. Sigma softgel & formulations have a quality assurance team that makes each product error-free. Moreover, the goal is to offer its client services and novel drug delivery systems, such as stability studies, formulation development, and many more. We follow all the required rules and regulations and stay within compliance. Here is a list of several benefits by Sigma Softgel & Formulations to their associates. 

  1. Offers affordable raw materials when you invest in manufacturing units and other things that are required in the manufacturing process. 
  2. We help our associates in marketing and provide several internal benefits.
  3. People who join us will get monopoly rights to distribute medicines and other products in a particular geographical location.
  4. We have a product portfolio of different ranges of pharma products.
  5. The products manufactured under our manufacturing unit are supervised and assured by supervisors. And you will get medicines that are of good quality.
  6. We provide cost-effective infrastructure models and other facilities in advance. 
  7. Our parent company provides popper training and guidance to the new PCD franchisee owners.

Considering the following points, starting a PCD Pharma franchise in Kollam is less risky and beneficial. With Sigma Softgel & Formulations you will get a brand image we have built with hard work and dedication. This provides you with an extra edge in business. 


Sigma Softgel & Formulation is a well-reputed and well-established company that offers a PCD Pharma Franchise in Kollam with various medicines ranges and our products are at the top of consumers’ demands. Our company is also in a third-party manufacturing business and PCD Pharma Franchise business. Our primary goal is to establish lasting relationships with consumers by offering them products at extremely low prices. 


Company’s Name  Sigma Softgel & Formulations 
Contact Number  01795-244066
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Registered Address Plot No. 171 HPSIDC Industrial Area, Baddi, District- Solan (HP)-17320



1)Which pharma company is the leading pharma franchise in Kollam?

Sigma Softgel & Formulations is a leading and trusted pharma franchise company in Kollam. Every product provided by our company is GMP-WHO certified. 

2) What is the scope of the PCD Pharma Franchise business in Kollam?

PCD pharma franchises have excellent scope in Kollam, as a reason it is a high-profit earning industry and demand for pharma products rising in Kollam.